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98.5 WNYR logo

98.5 WNYR is an adult contemporary radio station located in Geneva that is part of the Finger Lakes Radio Group. It is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes and it's broadcast covers nearly the entire Finger Lakes Region, and took the air with the A/C Format in 1989.

Their current on air schedule is:


6am-9am Jim & Dee In The Morning
9am-10am Jim Schreck
10am-2pm Mike Smith
2pm-5pm Mark James
5pm-10pm John Tesh Radio Show


6am-10am Jim Schreck
10am-3pm Jack Anderson
3pm-6pm Sorah Devlin
6pm-10pm American Top 40
The 80's
10pm-12am Amazing 80's - MG Kelly


7am-10am Intelligence For Your Health With Connie Sellecca
10am-5pm Sorah Devlin
5pm-10pm Best of the John Tesh Radio Show

Jim Schreck has been the program director since 2008.

The station's website can be found as a side link on their main website for all of the Finger Lakes Radio Group stations;