New York State Population Map cropped

Poplation densities throughout Upstate New York

How many people live in the Finger Lakes Region? This lists the populations of 29 counties in Western and Central New York by region starting with the seven core Finger Lakes Region counties.

The list of populations here is going by the 2000 census, which is quite outdated now. As, for example the population of Ontario County increased by over 5,000 from 1990 to 2000. There are almost 20,000,000 people in New York State. However, in the New York City Metropolitan Area alone there are 20,000,000 poeple (This includes New Jersey).

Total population: 796,576

Southern Tier counties

Map of New York highlighting Southern Tier

Map highlighting the Southern Tier counties

Just the core Southern Tier counties listed here, counties like Tompkins and Schuyler are considered southern tier but they go into the Finger Lakes Region so they are listed above.

Total population:: 760,462

Northern counties

Western New York counties highlighted in red

Western New York counties highlighted

Western New York counties

Central New York counties

Central New York edited

CNY counties highlighted

  • Total population: 1,047,703

  • Total: 4,751,925

Nearly five million people live within an hour drive of the Finger Lakes.

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