Route 5 & 20 in Seneca Falls

Route 5 & 20 in Seneca Falls running with Route 414

Route 5 & 20 is a State/US (State Route 5/US Route 20) highway that runs West to East from Avon to Auburn. It is made up of State Route 5 and US Route 20, which join West of Avon and remain together until Auburn. 5 and 20 passes through Avon, Lima, Bloomfield, Canandaigua, Geneva, Waterloo and Seneca Falls before splitting in Aubrun, with Route 20 continuing East and Route 5 going North.

In Canandaigua, 5 and 20 is intersected by Route 332 from the North and is called Eastern Boulevard. It is a four-lane highway passing through the Canandaigua Business District.


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