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13:54, December 4, 2019WETM Logo.png (file)288 KBWetmproduction 
21:05, April 12, 2015State Tower Building entrance.jpg (file)1.2 MBDaniel Christensen (Main entrance of the State Tower Building facing Square. )
03:21, April 12, 2015Glen Iris Inn.jpg (file)4.22 MBDaniel Christensen (The Glen Iris Inn in Letchworth State Park. *Source: *Author: Moribello on Wikimedia Commons)
21:37, April 11, 2015Alexander Classical School, Alexander, NY.jpg (file)1.6 MBDaniel Christensen (The Alexander Classical School is a large commercial cobblestone building in Alexander. *Source:,_Alexander,_NY.jpg *Author: Daniel Case)
23:30, April 10, 2015Rochester Contemporary Art Center.jpg (file)175 KBDaniel Christensen (Rochester Contemporary Art Center window in Downtown Rochester. Source:
21:38, April 10, 2015Downtown Rochester, NY HDR by patrickashley.jpg (file)475 KBDaniel Christensen (Downtown Rochester from the Genesee River at twilight. Source:,_NY_HDR_by_patrickashley.jpg Author: Patrick Ashley)
21:35, April 10, 2015Inner Loop Rochester 2014 map.svg (file)1.52 MBDaniel Christensen (A map of Rochester with the grade-separated portion of the Inner Loop highlighted in red. Source:
19:52, April 10, 2015Fingerlakesmap.png (file)191 KBDaniel Christensen (and animated map of the Finger Lakes region with the lakes labeled. Source:
18:10, April 10, 2015ProspectMountainProject.jpg (file)422 KBDaniel Christensen (New interchange between Interstate 81 and NY-17/future Interstate 86 (Southern Tier Expressway) near Binghamton. *Source: *Author: New York State Department of Tr...)
05:58, April 10, 2015Syracuse NY.jpg (file)2.88 MBDaniel Christensen (Aerial view of Downtown Syracuse, with Onondaga Lake in the background. )
02:34, April 9, 2015Genesee River Letchworth.jpg (file)4.01 MBDaniel Christensen (The Genesee River meanders through the canyon at Letchworth State Park. )
02:15, April 9, 2015Reynolds farm aerial.jpg (file)4.48 MBDaniel Christensen (View of the Reynolds Farmstead in the Town of Geneva. )
02:10, April 9, 2015Train passes Portageville Viaduct.jpg (file)4.01 MBDaniel Christensen (A train passing the rail bridge at Letchworth State Park. )
02:05, April 9, 2015Letchworth rail bridge.jpg (file)4.02 MBDaniel Christensen (Original file)
01:49, April 9, 2015Ontario Pathways Rail trail bridge.jpg (file)2.76 MBDaniel Christensen (Ontario Pathways bridge over 5 and 20. )
00:30, April 9, 2015Flight of five at Lockport.JPG (file)6.6 MBDaniel Christensen (Historic Erie Canal lock in Lockport. *Source: *Author: Ad Meskens)
00:19, April 9, 2015Lockport Arts Fest on Main St.jpg (file)162 KBDaniel Christensen (Lockport Arts & Crafts Festival on Main Street (Lockport) in 2006. *Source:
19:20, April 8, 2015Downtown Canandaigua, NY.jpg (file)269 KBDaniel Christensen (A view of Downtown Canandaigua from Main Street (Canandaigua). )
17:05, April 7, 2015New York's Finger Lakes.jpg (file)952 KBDaniel Christensen (Full resolution directly from Wikimedia)
16:19, April 7, 2015Letchworth State Park in autumn.JPG (file)3.96 MBDaniel Christensen (Letchworth State Park)
07:06, April 7, 2015Midtown Manhattan aerial from Empire State Building.jpg (file)3.31 MBDaniel Christensen (A view of the Midtown and Times Square District from the observation deck of the ESB. )
06:51, April 7, 2015Mount Morris Dam Flood of 72.jpg (file)48 KBDaniel Christensen (Mount Morris Dam in Letchworth State Park during the Flood of 1972/Hurricane Agnes. )
20:37, October 15, 2010Canandaigua City Hall, New York.jpg (file)1.86 MBDaniel Christensen (Canandaigua City Hall on Main Street Canandaigua. )
16:41, September 28, 2010HorseFace Promo edited-1.jpg (file)210 KBW-Jazz Bass Jesse 
04:44, June 20, 2010Wetm-TV 18 logo.png (file)143 KBDaniel Christensen (Logo for WETM-TV 18)
06:54, June 18, 2010PAnoramic view of the tioga river in pennsylvania.jpg (file)487 KBDaniel Christensen (The Tioga River valley in PA. )
06:42, June 18, 2010US Route 15 in New york (NY) map.svg.png (file)45 KBDaniel Christensen (US Route 15 in New York. )
03:58, June 17, 2010New York state regions map.gif (file)14 KBDaniel Christensen (Wow found this one by accident it's very good though. )
01:02, June 17, 2010Oatka milk plant Batavia 8933.jpg (file)833 KBDaniel Christensen (Oatka Milk facility in Batavia)
01:02, June 17, 2010New York State Route 98 map.png (file)54 KBDaniel Christensen (Map of State Route 98)
00:42, June 17, 2010Torrey Farms Muck onions 8640.jpg (file)795 KBDaniel Christensen (An onion field at Torrey Farms in Elba. )
15:47, June 14, 2010Rochester Democrat and Chronicle front page.jpg (file)162 KBDaniel Christensen (Front page of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. )
23:37, June 13, 2010Elmira New York From Jerusalem Hill.jpg (file)393 KBDaniel Christensen (Elmira from Jerusalem Hill. )
21:42, June 13, 2010Wbng news.png (file)17 KBDaniel Christensen (12 WBNG-TV news logo)
21:39, June 13, 201012 WBNG logo 2009.png (file)60 KBDaniel Christensen (Logo for WBNG-TV 12. )
19:35, June 13, 2010Big flats sign.jpg (file)1.61 MBDaniel Christensen (Entering Big Flats.
17:08, June 13, 2010Elmira regional airport.jpg (file)149 KBDaniel Christensen (The Elmira/Corning Regional Airport. Source:
15:55, June 13, 2010Court street bridge over interstate 86 Owego.jpg (file)245 KBDaniel Christensen (The overpass of the Court Street Bridge over Interstate 86 in Owego. source:
21:25, June 12, 2010-Map of New York highlighting Niagara County.svg.png (file)66 KBDaniel Christensen (Map of New York highlighting Niagara County)
21:15, June 12, 2010Central New York edited.png (file)5 KBDaniel Christensen (Map of Central New York edited to include Cayuga County and exclude Herkimer County. )
20:26, June 12, 2010Rome, new york intersection of state routes 69, 49 and 46.jpg (file)256 KBDaniel Christensen (Junction in Rome. )
20:16, June 12, 2010Map of New York highlighting Oneida County.svg.png (file)67 KBDaniel Christensen (Map of New York highlighting Oneida County. )
20:10, June 12, 2010Map of New York highlighting Madison County.svg.png (file)67 KBDaniel Christensen (Map of New York highlighting Madison County. )
05:03, June 12, 2010Upstate-Downstate New York Map.png (file)6 KBDaniel Christensen (Map of Upstate and downstate New York. )
04:36, June 12, 2010Map of New York highlighting Delaware County.svg.png (file)67 KBDaniel Christensen (Map of New York highlighting Delaware County)
04:22, June 12, 2010WCNY Classic-FM 91.3 logo.jpg (file)43 KBDaniel Christensen (Logo for 91.3 FM. )
04:20, June 12, 201024 WCNY-TV logo.jpg (file)20 KBDaniel Christensen (Logo for WCNY-TV 24. )
11:12, June 10, 2010Map of New York highlighting Chenango County.svg.png (file)67 KBDaniel Christensen (Map of New York highlighting Chenango County. )
08:38, June 10, 2010Central New York cropped.png (file)3 KBDaniel Christensen (Cropped image of Central New York. )
06:35, June 10, 2010The counties we care about 2.png (file)34 KBDaniel Christensen (Got rid of extra white space. )

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